Preventive Healthcare & Wellness Towards Fit, Swasthya & Ayushman Bharat

As Indian healthcare practices increasingly adopt large-scale preventive measures to delay onsets and for better outcomes, it has become equally important to recognize the role of combining it with wellness for a quality life. Recognizing the role of health and wellness will be crucial in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in the country and the government’s multi-pronged focus including private sectors and social organization involvement on fitness, sanitation, healthcare access and mental health is a testimony that the long-pending ball of healthcare integration in India has started rolling. This session will share the ideas and action plan to shift the focus of our nation’s health-care system from one based on sickness and disease to one focused on prevention and wellness. And, focus on the success stories of influencers to inspire and encourage New India towards a more active lifestyle for a healthy future.