Preventive Healthcare & Wellness for a Fit India

The health and vitality of India are critical to the productivity and innovation essential for our nation’s future. Students who are healthy and fit come to school ready to learn; employees who are free from mental and physical conditions take fewer sick days, are more productive, and help strengthen the economy; and older adults who remain physically and mentally active are more likely to live independently.  Early detection of diseases through preventive tests not only saves life but also protects individual and family from going through immense physical, emotional and financial distress. Therefore, we need to weave disease prevention into the everyday fabric of our lives, including where we live, work, learn, and play. This session will share the ideas and action plan to shift the focus of our nation’s health-care system from one based on sickness and disease to one focused on prevention and wellness. And, focus on the success stories of influencers to inspire and encourage New India towards a more active lifestyle for a healthy future.