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Health and Healthcare have always been a priority sector for any country. While all the nations thrive to providing basics of survival such as Good Food, Clean Air, Clean Water for the wellbeing of its people, India is leaving no stones behind in implementing and executing a robust universal healthcare ecosystem with digital footprint and many other health, nutrition and social welfare schemes and initiatves for women, infant, adolescents and elderly in line with the UN global holistic approach to Sustainable Development Goals. With the current COVID pandemic crisis and challenges of existing healthcare mechanism, it’s time to look forward in terms of how the healthcare needs of common citizens will be met. In this era of a worldwide digital revolution, it is not difficult to predict that technology will penetrate deeper, with healthcare innovations around IoT, blockchain, AI and connected devices using cloud technology. Riding on these and support from the government initiatives, Healthcare ecosystem in India surely needs new innovation and technological advancement and a robust delivery mechanism to achieve its sustainable healthcare goals.

The mega 7th edition of India Health & Wellness Summit & Awards in its virtual format, brings together the responsible government authorities, healthcare industry, international and national organizations, key stakeholders, decision-makers, the non- profit organizations, community leaders, innovators, technology providers, IT infrastructure & Systems and influencers, to address the physical & mental health of the nation and strategic and technology driven solutions, the current pandemic outbreak and its future impact on health and socio-economy, opportunities and scope of required action at the grassroots level and the challenges our country is facing today in securing Good Food and food safety & security, Climate action for clean environment and overall good health & wellbeing for our nation.





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