Award Entry Process

Step 1 – Entry Submission (Fill the form)

• Go to the India Health and Wellness Summit Award Category page at
• Identify the categories and click on “Apply for this Award” to fill the form.
• Fill in the Entry form. Ensure all mandatory questions are answered.
• Select the “I Agree” check box, and click next.
• Click on Submit. Your application will be successfully submitted.

Step 2 – Payment

Entry fee is non-refundable

Single Award Entry

INR 18,500 + TAX

Double Award Entry

INR 35000+ Tax

Triple Award Entry

INR 50000+ Tax

Early Bird Price : INR 16,500 + 18% tax

* Early Bird Valid till 31st Aug 2021

Option 1: Online

Transfer the appropriate amount of money, based on the number of entries you wish to submit, to our account

Our bank details are as follows:

Payee Name: IHW Media PVT LTD
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd
Bank A/c Number: 50200033437546
Branch Address: Okhla Industrial Area, Plot No-4,Capital Trust House II, Maa Anandmayi Marg, okhla Phase-II, New Delhi-110020

Option 2: DD/Cheque

Based on the number of entries you wish to submit, please send DD/Cheque in favour of: Integrated Health and Wellbeing Council

Level 3B, DLF Centre,
Sansad Marg, Connaught Place
New Delhi – 110001, India

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents add further credibility and weight to your nomination. While filling the nomination, please make sure that you also submit the supporting documents with the entry:
• A participant or an entrant can attach Supporting Documents which can include few photographs; copies of audit reports, accreditation, certifications, other awards; and presentations.
• The Supporting documents cannot be more than the size of 10 MB
• Supporting documents also includes video files. To submit audio-video files, upload the files to YouTube. Keep the view settings as private. Share the link in the given space.
• We will not accept any supporting documents sent to us through e-mail.


• Please access the respective application form for each award category and submit the entries online.
• No offline submissions or submissions via e-mail will be accepted.
• It is essential to provide correct and appropriate details for the mandatory questions. Incomplete or incorrect submissions may not be considered.
• One entry can only be eligible for consideration in one category. Separate entries should be made if the same product/organisation/initiative/person is to be entered in more than one of the categories.
• A participating organization/individual can send entries in more than one award category/apply multiple times in the same category provided it is for a separate innovation/project/initiative.
• A separate form should be used for each application entry.
• You, as a participant, declare that the information provided in this entry form is correct and accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of participation.

Rules and Regulations

If participating by filing for an award nomination in the India Health & Wellness Awards 2021, the participant understands and agrees to the following:
• All the awards/prizes honoured/distributed by the organiser has been arrived on the sole and unbiased conclusions made by the Independent Jury through a fair process and such acts of the organizer shall not in any way amount to any discrimination to any person/parties thereon.
• The participant elects to voluntarily participate in the event with full knowledge and thereby declare that all information, facts and materials provided by them for the purposes of their participation are true and best to their knowledge.
• The organizer shall not be liable for any loss, theft or damage, action, claim, cost or expenses, or any injury to any party/person which may arise as a consequence of their participation in this event.
• The organizer reserves its rights to post/publish any images/photographs/audio-video content taken at the Awards function or shared through the submission process and such images/pictures shall become the sole property of the organizers.
• The organizer shall not be held responsible directly or indirectly for injuries and damages that may arise out of or in connection with any wrongful information, misrepresentation or corroborated facts disclosed by the Participants.


The committee of the India Health & Wellness Awards will, to the best of our ability, ensure that the members of the Jury panel have no conflicts of interest with reference to the content or the procedure of the judging process; the objective being an unbiased, fair and considered screening process.

If you have any questions, or require any clarifications, please direct them to