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Categories under COVID19 (Institution)

These Awards categories are a section that nominates organizations under government, private sectors and social impact foundations that have actively volunteered in the following activities:

Manufacturing, producing supplying & distributing locally made or impoted, procured essential lifesaving, protection or support products & services. Provision or funding of the initiatives involving community healthcare, emergency health-line support, and public services initiatives (related to uplifting the sanitation, hygiene and nutrition habits on a daily basis). Efforts and investments made in research and development of safety equipment, innovative ideas for diagnosis and treatment of COVID and other communicable diseases, etc.

Volunteering for community services as a complete organization providing medical assistance like turning into special COVID tackling medical zones, set-up of specialized COVID ICUs, providing mobile healthcare unit facilities to the general masses, conducting diagnosis and prevention runs and campaigns at the ground level and other in the similar streams.


CSR COVID Relief Project (Overall Community Support)

Projects with overall involvement and execution, providing COVID19 relief activities and essentials support to the general public and supporting the government initiative as an institution. These projects including rehabilitation, post COVID19 treatment care, financial assistance through CSR source and distribution of basic essentials items, helping & guiding affected families & individuals.

CSR COVID Protection Project

This category includes companies & organizations Providing/Developing PPE/other equipment’s for safety and protection from COVID19 for general public & public health workers, municipal workers, and other service providers. Such as assembling, procuring, supplying and distributing essential products, equipment, development of ventilators, mask, sanitizer and hygiene products, quarantine facilities, Testing, Vaccine/Research funding, Immunity related products & project funding. Products and services can be of origin of

CSR COVID Indigenous Response Project

The category includes the local businesses under the CSR initiative responded to the current pandemic and converted, initiated, manufacturing & distributing essential services, products & commodities such as development of ventilators, mask, sanitizer and hygiene products, health related products & project funding and innovative solution which directly or indirectly providing instant help through their products & services to the citizens. There are many existing mainstream local businesses instantly converted their work into local manufacturing of such products in response to COVID19 and play an important role to fill the supply gap.

COVID Healthcare Providers (Pvt Sector)

This category invites Hospitals which volunteered to become COVID 19 facilities for treatment, quarantine and rehabilitation property. Private properties such as offices, hotel, and factory converted into running COVID 19 facilities. Hospitals, private owners or group can nominate themselves in this category.

COVID PUBLIC Health Warriors

This category is for the State Government, Health and Medical Organizations including Research Institutions, Department or Public Health Institutions which managed the best response to COVID 19 and controlled and managed the situation within the limited resources for the best results and maintained the excellent administration, research and supervision in the various Region, Villages & Clusters in the States, and Union Territories.

COVID Social Impact Businesses

This category is a section that nominates social businesses which are actively volunteered in the following activities and working towards Diagnostic/Testing, Protection and Prevention of COVID19.

The Social business that have directed their businesses towards research, diagnosis, Prevention, Subsidizing and Treatment of the COVID 19 pandemic. Companies that have allocated a large part of their task forces for sales and spreading awareness regarding techniques and novel equipment and accessories to reduce the occurrence and treat COVID 19. This shall include small mid companies who have developed RT-PCR testing kits, cotton swab collectors, affordable and indigenous PPE kits, masks, sanitizers, sanitizing tunnels, fumigation, currency note sanitizers, copper coated masks for business purpose not only as CSR and provided innovative solution to help in prevention of COVID 19.

Companies aiming for projects dedicated to improving public sanitation, hygiene and health related issues so as to raise the community health standards and for protection.

COVID Essential Heroes

This category aims at providing recognition to the striving efforts of those individuals dedicated selflessly and remained posted for crowd control and mitigation as per the social distancing norms necessary to subjugate the current pandemic.

Volunteers that ensure proper care and basic essential facilities is provided to people deprived of normal ways of living (service to roadside street wanderers without a proper housing and sanitation facility). Volunteers that ensure adequate maintenance of hygiene and sanitation facilities in areas of dense population

Volunteers that supply basic food essentials to households and public housing institutes like

wards, hostels, quarantine zones, day care and night shelters, etc.

People that provide transportation facility for basic goods to be supplied to various destinations

This category welcomes Police & Security Forces, Public Work Departments & Municipalities, Delivery and transportation volunteers as well.

COVID Social Champions (institution & Individual both)

This category targets individuals and organizations that do not deem themselves fit to be

included in categories mentioned above but have given their sincere efforts to:

Elevate social security, health status, suffice basic needs and provide support of whatsoever kind needed to able and challenged individuals. Provide emergency care facilities to people quarantined in cases of infection or possible infection situations.

Provide various kinds of counseling and suggestions that help in maintaining the unrest in the minds of the general masses and channelizing their time and energy towards the upliftment of their health (both mental and physical).

Volunteering for activities related to care of street animals and birds, rebuilding of the natural ecology in populated surroundings and other places deemed important

Who Can Apply?

  • Security forces personnel
  • Government & private institutions
  • Community Service Provider
  • NGO’s, Social Foundations & Philanthropists
  • All those who helped in food distribution, mask distribution, migrant workers help,
  • quarantine help, night shelters
  • Mental health support initiatives
  • Elderly care support initiatives
  • Last Rites support initiatives
  • Child support initiatives

Main Stream CSR Health Impact Awards Categories

Health CSR Project – Health Campaign of the Year

Health Campaigns, primarily public health focuses on preventing and raising awareness widespread diseases and healthcare topics by education, empowerment and health promotion on every possible level.

This category aims to recognize the CSR campaign which pulled it all together: passion, creativity, heart and soul, and of course, popularity & success; the initiative that had the biggest health outcome bang for the buck and effort expended and serves as an inspiration to other organizations whose CSR work is in the area of health. The project parameters must involve effective health communication, mass penetration, idea, innovation, creativity, reach and impact oriented.


Environment Impact Initiative

Global climate disruption is impacting the planet in ways never experienced in human history. Warmer temperatures are contributing to changing weather patterns that cause more intense storms and heavier rainfall in some places, while elsewhere drought is parching the land. Glaciers are melting at an accelerated rate and oceans are rising.

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that climate change is being driven by the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels.

This category recognizes those who have used innovative and verifiable projects to push the boundaries with the objective of reducing carbon footprint and progressing towards carbon neutrality while enhancing sustainability. Carbon neutrality is a term used to describe the action of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put in to it. The overall goal of carbon neutrality project is to achieve a zero carbon footprint.

Swachh Bharat Impact

To achieve waste free communities, we need a collective effort from all levels of society – revising our policies, planning, decision-making, supply and packaging of goods, and business models, while simultaneously transforming public attitudes and behavior across all generations.

This category recognizes those organizations which have taken Initiatives helping to improve the quality-of-life & prosperity for citizens and businesses by making sustainable resource & waste management easy even for the Governments to implement Clean Country & Cities programs, multiple activities, managing zero waste, circular economy and community engagement projects, energy conservation, rainwater harvesting, compost pits or similar infrastructure on cleanliness, painting and adoption of clean-green technology.

WASH Initiative

WASH is an acronym that stands for “water, sanitation and hygiene”. Universal, affordable and sustainable access to WASH is a key public health issue within international development and is the focus of Sustainable Development Goal 6.

The category aims to recognizing novel approaches, methods, techniques or technologies adopted and applied to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) challenges. Innovations should have the potential for scaling up on how WASH services are designed or delivered, or their positive impact measured on mass scale.

CSR Health Campaign

This award is constituted for the organization that came to the rescue as influencer for a health-based cause that needed more awareness. In the busy world today, a number of health and fitness influencers have amassed massive followings. Since health is such a diverse genre, these influencers cover a huge range of project/initiatives/topics. These include mindfulness and meditation, Paleo and Ketogenic diets, plus a growing interest in foods that promote wellness and leave a lasting impact on people’s mind. The organization may have motivated a large group of their employees for the cause, created programs which turned co-workers into spirited volunteers, and resulted in good health outcomes in the community

CSR Food Initiative

Affordable, fresh & healthy food is a critical ingredient of a healthy community and one of the keys to upending chronic, nutrition-related diseases like obesity and diabetes that plague impoverished neighborhoods. But many low-income people, especially those who live in food deserts, face serious hurdles in getting access to good food.

This category is constituted to recognize organizations which have had a significant impact on policy and implementation of public nutrition, including acting towards national food security, emphasis on awareness about healthy foods through innovative methods for engagement with end users, as well as challenging fundamental misconceptions about nutrition and how it relates to well-being.


Rural Health Initiative

The global rural population is now close to 3.4 billion and is expected to rise slightly and then decline to 3.1 billion by 2050. Africa and Asia are home to nearly 90% of the world’s rural population in 2018. India has the largest rural population (893 million), followed by China (578 million).

Bottom of the pyramid (BOP), also called base of the pyramid term in economics that refers to the poorest two-thirds of the economic human pyramid, a group of more than four billion people living in abject poverty.

Many out of these 3.4 billion people live in rural areas with limited access to quality healthcare and lack of proper mechanism to promote awareness mechanism and preventive healthcare. This award is to recognize organizations which made a significant impact through health awareness and healthcare accessible to rural population in multiple regions.



. All individuals can nominate directly with one key reference of an authentic person or nominate by any third party in the select category.
. Nominee or their company and the third party who is nominating will have to submit their authentic Government IDs with detailing of the contribution made by the nominated candidate which can be rewarded.
. Document should be in a PDF format containing, initiative, project handled, importance of the project, how many lives the project affected positively, areas and places he had worked along with feedback from the people.
. Supporting photographs, nominee’s video, video bite of the reference and working stills would help in selection process and further highlight the story on the website and social media platforms.

Jury Awards

. Jury will have right to directly nominate any deserving name at their own capacity
. The same will be supported with documents and relevant project, initiative, work undertaken by a company, organization or individual during this period
. These Awards will be in the category of Jury Awards
. These are simply either by the Jury or people/companies not able to file the nomination due to any circumstances and have the capability and credential to be acknowledged and rewarded
. The Jury Awards category is not limited to any region, country or geographical location.
. Jury has right to nominate and reward people and organizations globally