Nutrition, Food Safety Nutrition and importance of Macro & Micro Nutrient

It is estimated that by 2050, the world’s population will be over 9 billion – almost 35% more than there is today. And there is pressure on the food sector to find new and inventive ways to feed healthy and nutritious food to people. Any food product follows a chain, which starts with the production and storage of raw materials and continues through processing, packaging, distribution and preparation in the household, to the table of the consumer. Once eaten, a food product becomes nutrition, as it goes on to fuel the metabolic cycles of the life process. The session will highlight and emphasis on the quality food processing & production and proven technology to reduce the impact of malnutrition, macro & micro nutrient deficiency in a large population of the country which is causing many serious communicable and non-communicable diseases due to poor nutrient in the packaged food and wrong agriculture practices. How can many diseases like Anemia, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular can be cured and prevent the human health with right supply of nutrition.